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Over 30 years of inquiry into nature of life and our position in the universe - supported by both Christian and Eastern spiritual traditions, an active meditation practice and many years of Enneagram study - underpins my in depth psychological counseling education and approaches. Thus every situation can be met and explored with interest and curiosity that leads to an acceptance of the greater truth of each moment. This allows a natural unfoldment and transformation to safely take place.
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M.A. in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy’s School of Holistic Studies with a concentration in Somatic Counseling.

Somatic counseling directs attention to the inner feelings & sensations that co-arise with the thoughts, beliefs and ideas that underlie our present moment experience. Accessing these modes of perception amplify our perceptions so that we perceive and trust the deeper truths of who we are.  Each client learns how to heal their particular injuries and pain; each one experiences the universal positivity of life that is our birthright.
    Walnut Creek:     1250 Pine St.  Suite 106 (near Ygnacio & N. Broadway)
     Lafayette:​      1 Arbor Way   (near (Acalanes & Hidden Valley Road)
     Berkeley:   2127 Ashby Avenue ( 1 block east of Shattuck on Ashby )
Integrated Psychotherapy:

The great value of focusing more attention in the present moment experience on body-based sensations, emotional and other physical patterns that accompany the mental aspects of our being is that these other parts of our psyche faithfully and accurately access what we really want to know about ourselves - who we really are - our deeper nature. Important insights emerge and empowering embodied experiences can occur. The process makes time and space for such fuller experience, so deeper understandings can naturally emerge.

In this work, which is directed at realizing the client’s own goals for change, we explore new options that both interrupt our old ‘locked in’ patterns and provide new flexibility. By trying out new responses, new resources for lasting change can be integrated. Without the added support and inclusion of what’s going on in our bodies and feelings, simply knowing in our minds “what change I want to make” often lacks sufficient power to allow meaningful or satisfying change to take place. 
Other trainings include 15 yrs. work in the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization with Hameed Ali and 2 years study in Psycho-Physical Therapy with Bill Bowen integrating posture, movement, feelings and sensations into the therapeutic process.

My work is informed by the understanding that my clients have every capacity within themselves needed to proceed safely in moving through the issues they face. My clients will always lead ‘where to go’ or ‘what to do’ next. We will explore together where and how the need to have safety, connection, and meaning has guided your life in the past and see what helps now. This takes an inherent strength and confidence that can be accessed and developed – new choices can be made. These choices restore vitality and contact with the inherent goodness which we can experience ever more strongly and which can become more consistently available to each of us.

Integrated Psychotherapy                                Joseph Bentz, M.A.
Body - Mind - Spirit                          Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MFC 50031