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   In couples or family counseling,
   I may help with:
   Frustrating communication patterns
   Unmatched wants and needs
   Partnership commitment decisions
   Emotional and physical intimacy
   Parenting stress
  You can:
   Experience a safe space to share varied
          feelings while gaining insight into old
          patterns of behavior
   - Better identify and express wants
          and needs 
   - Balance vital boundaries with closeness
          and intimacy
  - Move towards joint decisions that 
          feel right
  - Feel closer to your partner and develop
          confidence and optimism

   Walnut Creek:  1250 Pine St. Suite 106 (near Ygnacio & N. Broadway)  
   Lafayette:      1 Arbor Way   (near Acalanes & Hidden Valley Road)
   Berkeley:   2127 Ashby Ave. ( 1 block east of Shattuck on Ashby )

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